Guidance And Counseling Cell

Guidance And Counseling Cell

The College has established a special Cell for the Guidance and Counseling for the teacher trainees. This Cell addresses the diverse Socioeconomic challenges and geographic backgrounds of the heterogeneous group. The student life is getting complex day by day. Guidance and counselling is needed to help the students for optimum achievement and adequate adjustment in the varied life situations. At PMCCE counselling services are offered to students who are undergoing a problem and need professional help to overcome it. The specialized service provides training in personality development of students. It involves techniques like active listening, empathic understanding releasing the pent up feelings. The cell provides guidance to the students of the college to improve their overall personalities and help them to meet challenges in their life.

A guidance & Counseling Cell has been established in the college to provide guidance to achieve the following objectives:-

The future plan of the cell aims to conduct more workshops, webinars and seminars to help the students make the right career choices. Its focus will be providing learning/ training resources in the areas of academic, career and personal and social development and to prepare students to meet their future challenges. The cell hopes to impact a larger audience and help students in being employable in their desired field by creating personalized up skilling journeys for them.

List of Members of Guidance And Counseling Cell

S.No Name Designation
1. Dr. Bharti Dimri Chairperson
2. Dr. Poonam Kumari Convener
3. Dr. Jyoti Vijayaran Member
4. Dr. Ritu Malhotra Member
5. Dr. Alka Narula Member
6. Ms. Suman Shokeen Member
7. Mr. Ashwin Kumar Verma Student Member
8. Ms. Jennifer George Student Member
9. Mr. Himanshu Student Member
10. Ms. Mansha Virat Student Member

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